Best of Forage

  • 3hrs
  • Every month our talented chefs produce sensational dishes for you to taste and this event is a look back at some of the very best dishes of 2021 (With a little help from other years!!!).  So if you dined with us in 2019, 2020 or 2021 then you might see your favourite dish again, if you’ve not dined with us yet, then these nights will showcase some of the very best plates of food that we have put together and a night not to be missed!!

    The dishes & flavour combinations have been tried, tested & refined during our experimental nights and are aimed at those who would like to simply enjoy some good food in a relaxed environment (these nights are more like a traditional restaurant and do not involve scoring sheets like our experimental nights).

    Dinner starts at 7pm for all diners, so please do not be late as you might miss a course of two.. We are able to alter the menu for vegetarians, vegans & those with food intolerances with advance notice.

    £65.00per person
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