Forage & Season (Trug) Hamper

Discover the Essence of Wild Delights with Our Forage & Season Trug Hamper


Indulge in the rustic charm and savour the eclectic blend of traditional and wild ingredients with our exclusive Forage & Season Trug Hamper. As the frost twinkles under the soft glow of winter sun, our expert chefs at Forage Kitchen have curated the very best of seasonal and foraged delights to tantalise your senses and warm your hearts during the festive season.


Nestled within a beautiful willow foraging trug, an emblem of time-honoured gardening tradition, lies a banquet of our finest produce awaiting your discovery. Our garden basket is a homage to nature’s bounty and the age-old tradition of foraging, ensuring a unique and thoughtful gift or a self-indulgent treat that echoes the serene beauty of the wild.


The hamper is brimming with a collection of handmade goodies crafted with love and expertise by our seasoned chefs. Relish the robust flavours of our Forage Christmas Chutney and the sweet-tart delight of the Wild & Cranberry Sauce. The Dingley Dell Cured Meats are a carnivore’s dream come true, while a box of Forage Chocolates unveils a world of sweet whimsy.


Delight in the creamy allure of our Seasonal Fudge, and let the Spiced Apple Juice Mix or a Bottle of our Apple Juice awaken your palate with a dance of sweet and spiced notes. The Seasonal Bellini Mix is a concoction ready to romance the bubbles out of the accompanying Bottle of Prosecco, ensuring a merry toast to the joys of the season.


But that’s not all; our hamper holds many more surprises that encapsulate the spirit of wild foraging and the culinary magic of our restaurant’s kitchen as well as other local and artisan producers. Each item is a testament to our ethos of embracing seasonality and wild foraged ingredients, promising an authentic experience of nature’s finest.


Make your festive season memorable with the Forage & Season Trug Hamper. Available for collection from the 18th to the 22nd of December 2023. We also offer delivery at an additional cost for those who prefer the comforts of home.  Seize the chance to revel in a rustic and gourmet journey that celebrates the harmony between nature and culinary artistry.


N.b – Picture shown is of a previous year’s hamper.  This year we are using much nicer Trugs!

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