Off your Roccer

Unleash Your Inner Pizzaiolo with the ‘Off you Roccer’ Gift Pack


Indulge in the rustic charm of authentic outdoor cooking with our ‘Off you Roccer’ gift pack. This specially curated bundle is designed for both aspiring foodies to seasoned outdoor pros, providing not only the essential tools but also the knowledge to master the art and versatility of outdoor cooking.


Gozney Cooking Essentials: Immerse yourself in a world of culinary possibilities with our Gozney product lineup included in the gift pack:


  • Gozney Roccbox Oven (£399): A portable, lightweight yet durable oven that brings the traditional wood-fired cooking experience, or the convenience of gas speed, right to your backyard.
  • Gozney Pizza Server (£39): Ensure a seamless transition from oven to table with this elegant, easy-to-handle pizza server.
  • Gozney Rocker (£35): Slice your homemade pizza like a pro with the efficient and stylish Gozney Rocker.


Outdoor Cooking Courses: Our gift pack includes two slots in our enriching Gozney outdoor cooking and pizza workshop. Over a splendid 3-hour session, you’ll delve into the basics of using a Gozney oven to craft restaurant-quality pizzas, recipes, and flatbreads right at your home. The course, led by our skilled chefs, offers a blend of demonstrations and hands-on experiences. You’ll explore various dough types, select top-notch ingredients, and master the art of preparing a multitude of pizza varieties using either the Gozney Dome or Gozney Roccbox. This interactive workshop is not only a learning experience but a delightful gastronomic journey that caters to various dietary preferences, making it a valuable addition to your outdoor cooking venture​.


Special Offer: Seize this unique opportunity to embark on your outdoor cooking adventure with the ‘Off you Roccer’ gift pack, now available at an exclusive offer price of £499. This offer encompasses the Gozney cooking essentials and the enlightening outdoor cooking courses, providing unmatched value and the promise of countless delightful outdoor feasting experiences.


Visit our Gozney shop and outdoor Gozney cooking course for more details and to grab this offer before it’s gone!

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