Family Pizza Making

  • DemonstrationDemonstration
  • Some Hands-onSome Hands-on
  • RefreshmentsRefreshments
  • Meal IncludedMeal Included
  • 2hrs
  • Immerse yourself and your loved ones in our delightful Gozney outdoor cooking and pizza workshop, a splendid 2-hour family-friendly experience that enables you to master the basics of using a Gozney oven. Create restaurant-quality pizzas, recipes, and flatbreads right in the comfort of your own home, turning mealtime into a fun and educational family activity.


    The first half of the course is designed to be family-friendly, led by our friendly and engaging chefs. They will introduce you to the simplicity, safety and joy of outdoor cooking, showcasing how versatile the Gozney ovens can be in creating a range of delicious, child-approved dishes. There will be a plenty of tasters that cater to younger palates, including simple yet tasty items like flatbreads, skewers, roasted veg, desserts. This part of the course aims to excite and inspire the younger ones, making cooking a delightful and fun experience for all ages.


    Then, as we transition to the second half of the course, delve into the fascinating world of pizza-making. Gain a thorough understanding of various dough types, discover how to select the finest ingredients, and master the art of preparing a multitude of pizza varieties using either the Gozney Dome or Gozney Roccbox. This hands-on pizza-making session is sure to be a hit with every member of the family, turning your garden or kitchen into a hub of culinary creativity.


    Whether a budding young chef, an enthusiastic home cook, or someone who simply enjoys a good slice of pizza, this course offers a unique and enjoyable learning experience for all.


    ‘Demo & Dine Course’ includes:

    – A 2-course meal
    – Family-friendly demonstration (70%) & Hands-on pizza-making experience (30%)
    – Demo & tasters that appeal to both adults and kids
    – A soft drink with your meal, with beer/wine available for purchase for the adults
    – A recipe booklet to take away
    – Exclusive equipment discounts on the day of the event


    Course Times:
    – Weekday Pizza ‘Demo & Dine’ courses commence at 6pm and conclude by 8pm
    – Weekend Pizza ‘Demo & Dine’ courses commence at 11pm and conclude by 1pm


    Dietary Options Available:
    Pescatarian, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian – all no problem
    Plant-Based / Dairy-Free / Halal – limited tasters, but pizza-making is okay

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