Thermomix® Cooking

  • DemonstrationDemonstration
  • Some Hands-onSome Hands-on
  • RefreshmentsRefreshments
  • Meal IncludedMeal Included
  • 3hrs
  • Thermomix® lets you weigh, chop, blend, mix, grind, grate, cook, steam, whisk, knead and so much more; 12 functions all within one compact machine. A digital touch-screen allows you to download over 20,000 world wide recipes (which will even guide you if required). Come, watch, sample & taste… loads of samples & a light meal included.

    2019 Course Dates:
    Sunday 27th January / 6pm – 9pm
    Tuesday 12th February / 6pm – 9pm
    Sunday 24th February / 6pm – 9pm
    Tuesday 12th March / 11pm – 2pm

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