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Thanks for checking us out and we really hope you like our new website.  We have tried to make it...

Years ago (more than I'd like to admit) I remember picking up The Caterer for the 1st time as a catering student in awe of the talent of our great industry; so being featured in this week's edition is a ...

@suffolkfoodie Call it ‘Rona’ and we can alll hope it’s a sign!! 👍😂

@StuartHood Hope you’ve done a risk assessment on that heater Stuart. Well done & Merry Christmas.

This week as part of our ongoing menu development we visited Stonham Herd Red Poll Beef and looked at their ...

@KarlWilkinson2 Lovely to meet you both tonight Karl - look forward to seeing you again soon! 👍👍

@StuartHood @KarlWilkinson2 @colette_george @clarkey_001 Lovely to see you all tonight - so pleased you enjoyed it. 👍👍

@EADT24 Total conjecture. Very poor article. Fantastic you can buy a beer from a China owned company via a dominating supermarket. We have some fantastic brewers locally & losing independent pubs & restaurants would be a huge loss. Everyone needs ...

@TessaAllingham Is she sure that’s not dog food? Lots of sushi has nori inside.. looks great! 👍 #WhatNoBeansOnToast #StudentsNowadays

Liverpool 158 cases per 100k ... nearly 3 times higher than Suffolk, yet Tier 2 same as Suffolk. #WhatAJoke

Cornwall Tier 1 = 59 cases per 100k West Suffolk = 64 Mid Suffolk = 58 (!!) East Suffolk = 71 England Average = 169 but despite that Suffolk into Tier 2... what a complete shambles @Jochurchill4 . Another month of lost business and cancelled tables. What really is the point.

@Midsummerchef Pubs to stay closed and hopefully restaurants open in the lower tiers. If not, most will close until March.. as most will think why bother opening in January etc. Can the Govt afford 4 months of furlough?

Tom Clarke joins Restaurant Forage Kitchen having previously been the head chef at @MichelinGuideUK one starred L’Ortolan restaurant for ...

@Richardvines Many thanks Richard 🙏 do pop and see us in ‘sunny’ Suffolk sometime.

@StuartHood @clarkey_001 See you in a few weeks! (Hopefully) 👍😂🤞

❤️❤️❤️ Thank you Charlotte! https://t.co/u3R7xx5ZO7

@StuartHood @KarlWilkinson2 @colette_george Joking aside.. let's see what they say and I'm sure we can get you over here soon. 👍

@StuartHood @KarlWilkinson2 @colette_george 2020 so far... :) https://t.co/W0x4r4yxW1

@Caterertweets Are they going to limit alcohol sales in shops seeing that alcohol is such a big issue? How about limiting shop hours / just home delivery allowed? What about offices/workplaces? Shocking. Industry already on the edge. #deathknell Just hoping ...


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