Seasonal Tasting Menu

  • 3hrs
  • Every month our talented chefs produce brand-new ultra-seasonal dishes for you to taste.   Our Seasonal Tasting Menu nights consist of 8-10 course tasting menu for you to savour.  The dishes & flavour combinations have been tried, tested & refined during our ‘experimental’ and ‘Future Flavour’ nights and are aimed at those who would like to simply enjoy some good food in a relaxed environment (these nights are more like a traditional restaurant and do not involve scoring sheets like our experimental nights).


    Dinner starts at 7pm for all diners, so please do not be late as you might miss a course of two. We are able to alter the menu for vegetarians, vegans & those with food intolerances with advance notice.


    Menus changes:


    • Early Winter Menu (December) – Dates online now
    • Late Winter Menu (Feb 7th) – Dates online now
    • Early Spring Menu (Mar 6th) – Dates online now


    ** As of October 2023 all our restaurant events will incur a service charge of 10%, all of which will go directly to staff. A bill for all your food and drink will be presented to you on the night, plus the 10% service charge, then less any prepayment in advance (this booking fee). Please contact us if you have any questions **

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